Course Number Course Title Syllabus
MAE 521 Advanced Thermodynamics 1 Syllabus
MAE 525 Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions Syllabus
MAE 528 Intro to Fuel Cell Technology Syllabus
MAE 531 Fluid Mechanics 1
MAE 532 Dynamics of Viscous Fluids Syllabus
MAE 534 Fluid Flow Measurements Syllabus
MAE 535 Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Engineering Syllabus
MAE 543 Advanced Mechanics of Materials Syllabus
MAE 580 Crystallography and Crystals Syllabus
MAE 621 Advanced Thermodynamics 2 Syllabus
MAE 623 Conduction Heat Transfer
MAE 624 Convection Heat Transfer Syllabus
MAE 625 Radiation Heat Transfer
MAE 631 Gas Dynamics
MAE 633 Computational Fluid Dynamics Syllabus
MAE 635 Turbomachinery
MAE 637 Multiphase Flows Syllabus
MAE 640 Continuum Mechanics Syllabus
MAE 641 Theory of Elasticity Syllabus
MAE 642 Intermediate Dynamics
MAE 643 Inelastic Behavior of Engineering Materials Syllabus
MAE 644 Fracture Mechanics Syllabus
MAE 645 Energy Methods in Applied Mechanics
MAE 646 Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials
MAE 648 Experimental Stress Analysis Syllabus
MAE 649 Microscopy of Materials
MAE 650 Mechanical Metallurgy
MAE 652 Advanced Kinematics of Mechanisms
MAE 653 Advanced Vibrations Syllabus
MAE 654 Advanced Machine Design
MAE 656 Advanced Computer Aided Design
MAE 660 Feedback Control in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
MAE 663 Instrumentation in Engineering Syllabus
MAE 687 Materials Engineering
MAE 721 Fundamentals of Combustion
MAE 731 Fundamentals of Turbulent Flow
MAE 733 Perfect Fluid Theory
MAE 741 Theory of Elasticity 2
MAE 743 Theory of Elastic Stability
MAE 744 Theory of Plates and Shells
MAE 760 Theory of Plates and Shells Syllabus