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Alumni and Friends

We are extremely proud of our many alumni worldwide. Please share your opinions and thoughts with us and help us stay connected by keeping your contact information current. We encourage you to visit often to keep up with the latest department news and events!


The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is grateful to its alumni and friends for their support of scholarships that are available to students currently enrolled in the Department.

For a complete listing of all endowed scholarships in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, visit the current students scholarships page.

Academy of Distinguished Alumni

Aerospace Engineering

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni of Aerospace Engineering , founded on April 21, 1990, recognizes graduates of aeronautical and aerospace engineering from WVU and others active in the field of aerospace sciences who bring honor to the discipline and who have had distinguished professional careers.

Mechanical Engineering

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics , founded on June 9, 1990, recognizes graduates of mechanical engineering and theoretical and applied mechanics from WVU and others active in the related fields who bring honor to the discipline and who have had distinguished professional careers.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is composed of representatives of those who hire our graduates, including BS-, MS- and PhD-degree holders. The Committee fulfills an important role in the Department by providing feedback, which ensures that students graduating at all levels have the skills that they need to be marketable. During their annual meeting, the Committee members hear from the chair, faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students and College administrators. The Committee reports its findings to the chair, the dean and the provost.

  • Alberto Ayala, The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
  • Tracy Baker, Duke Energy
  • Keith Balderson, Naval Air Warfare Center
  • John C. Benner, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Andrea Brown, Volvo
  • Michael Campanelli, Amazon Web Services
  • Christine Cropp, Arion Systems, Inc.
  • David B. Doman, AFRL/RQQA
  • Gary Fleming, NASA Langley Research Center
  • William L. Fourney, University of Maryland, Aerospace Engineering
  • William P. Geyer, Jr., Department of the Navy (civilian)
  • Neil Jubeck, Naval Air Warfare Center (retired)
  • Kerri Knotts, Barrios
  • Thomas L. Moore II, Northrop Grumman
  • Tim Pawlak, ANSYS, Inc.
  • Kerri Phillips, John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Carolyn Seepersad, University of Texas at Austin
  • John Smallwood, Orbital ATK
  • W. Garth Smith, mETAvr, Inc.
  • James M. Snider II, Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Pam Tanck, JT3LLC
  • Bob Welch, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia, Inc.
  • Scott C. Wenger, National Aeronautics & Space Administration
  • E. Richard White, ViGYAN, Inc.