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MAE Mountaineer Mentors

MAE Mountaineer Mentors is a program where outstanding juniors and seniors are chosen to mentor sophomores in introductory mechanics courses, such as MAE 241, 242, and 243, and help them grow in their academic and professional careers. The mentors also receive a $500 scholarship to benefit their own academic careers.

Some duties of the mentors include:

  • Checking in with groups of students to help them succeed and uncover any sticking points in the content of their courses
  • Holding office hours and giving advice and feedback to mentees on how to engineer solutions
  • Encouraging mentees to learn important software skills they will find in future classes and the workforce, such as SolidWorks, Ansys, and Fusion 360
  • Meeting with MAE Faculty to provide a source of continuous feedback and identify student concerns
  • Hosting seminars for all sophomores on topics like study skills, how to get a job/internship, and opportunities that can be found throughout the department 
  • Creating hands-on video demonstrations with department funding about concepts in Statics and Mechanics
  • Speaking in PHYS 111 and MAE 241 classes about the importance of material for future MAE classes and how they build upon each other.