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Bioengineering Research Projects

The MAE department, in conjunction with other departments in both the Statler College and the WVU Health Sciences Center, offers a program in bioengineering culminating in master's and/or PhD degrees. The plan of study for a master's degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours. This includes at least six hours of bioengineering or medical courses. Students are encouraged to continue toward a PhD by following a plan of study tailored specifically to their research interests. Students whose BS degrees are in disciplines other than engineering may be required to complete prerequisite courses.

Areas of research specialization include respiratory and diseased tissue mechanics, orthopedic mechanics, bone growth and fracture and the application of computer-aided design and microprocessor-based instrumentation to rehabilitation. Research facilities include an aerosol inhalation exposure system, laser-based holographic and moire interferometric equipment, a lung acoustic impedance measurement system, and modern orthopedic, rehabilitation and computer research laboratories.