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Material Science and Engineering Projects

Materials science and engineering is a broad and multi-disciplinary area. Research in the Department focuses on materials for the efficient generation, conversion, storage and transport of energy; nano-phase materials for sensors, coatings and devices; fabrication and modeling of high performance polymers and composites; and the mechanical properties of high- performance materials.

Faculty within the Department have expertise in synthesis, deposition, modeling and characterization of materials. To support this research the department has a wide range of laboratory and computer facilities. These include:

Advanced Microscopy Facility

Thermal Characterization Facility

Coating Deposition

Electrochemical & Corrosion Testing

Particle Size and Surface Area Characterization Facility

Computing Clusters

Mechanical Testing Facility

Faculty researching in this area are:

Ever Barbero

Darran Cairns

Bruce Kang

Xingbo Liu

Nick Wu

Ed Sabolsky

Xueyan Song